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Dr. Prathima Gopalan-Kriczky, Ph.D. began her research career at the University of Windsor in Canada, where she obtained her Ph.D. in biological sciences.  She received an award for her novel work in Muscular Dystrophy, involving muscle biochemistry.  She continued her career in Philadelphia,at the Temple University's FELS Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Biology, studing cellular biochemistry in liver cancer

She grew up in India in a family which respected the traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine and homeopathy.  She has a natural affinity for wholistic therapies.  She brings her training in science and deep understanding of human biochemistry into her wholistc treatments.  This is especially useful in her work as a Body Talker.  Body talk is very specific and requires the knowledge of intricate biological processes.

She has devoted the second part of her career to the study and practice of some of the most powerful wholistic modalities today.  Below is an overview of her work:

Body Talk Systems is the keystone of her work.  Developed by an Australian chiropractor, and Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Dr. John Veltheim , it combines the traditions of acupuncture,chiropractic,yoga, and applied kineseology in a systematic approach for synchronizing energies in the body.  Providing lost connections, using the bodies own innate intelligence as the source of wisdom.

The treatment consists of gentle muscle tests and tapping points.  The results are often extremely powerful and immediate.  For example, a case of unresolved walking pneumonia responded in one treatment with some vomiting and then a clearing of the lungs in just a few days.  There is a high success rate for allergies, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia lupus,Multiple Sclerosis,Chrons disease, attention deficit disorder, and many more.  There are no real restrictions on what can be addressed with this system.  Some people with normal health choose prevention treatment, as the innate intelligence of the body will reveal any lack of balance which may lead to pathology.  The technique works just as well on animals.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy, uses gentle motions of the head and body to release deep connective tissue restrictions form the spine and head(cranium).  This release allows a more normal flow of CFS, (cerebral spinal fluid), which baths our brains and spinal cord.  The technique dates back to Dr. Sutherland an Osteopathic physician and her training has been with the well known dentist Dr. Barry Gillespie.  It can be helpful for headaches, asthma , TMD, neck and back pain to name a few.

Tachyon therapy is most unusual, yet most scientific. It is based on the principles of quantum physics.  In physics the energy that fills the cosmos is called the Zero Point Field, which is formless, everywhere and faster than the speed of light. It contains all needed to create perfect form.  Tachyon particles are the form of  ZPF

This tachyon energy can be used to realign and restore the subtle energy in and around the body . The treatment is done using Tachyonized quartz crystal bars and has shown astounding results with a variety of health problems, like knee degeneration, mental disorganization, and many others.

Other energy treatments include, Quantum Touch, Reconnective Healing and Reiki.
Dr. Prathima Gopalan-Kriczky is also  certified in Hypnosis.

She will design a treatment protocol to best suit you and your health.  Welcome to Gwynedd Chiropractic where the pain ends and the miracles begin.

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