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Dr. Gopalan Kriczky, Ph.D.
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Dr. Thomas Kriczky brings together a unique combination of Chiropractic and soft tissue expertise.  After graduating Cum Laude in Psychology from the Honors Research Program at Temple University in 1981, he was trained by the prestigious Rolf Institute in 1983.  Rolfing is the original and premier connective tissue manipulation system developed by Dr. Ida Rolf.
This makes him very adept in understanding and diagnosing soft tissue disturbance.  Dr. Kriczky practiced this soft tissue re-alignment therapy for some years and then went back to the Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic and graduated with honors in 1991.

Chiropractic is a system of restoring normal joint function, especially in the spine but also in any extremity.  He practices the low force technique  called Activator ,which uses a gentle low force hand held device to make the precision adjustments.  This system of analysis and treatment allows him to accurately analyze any joint in the body.

For patients with disc conditions like herniations, stenosis, sciatica or facet syndrome(arthritic degeneration),degenerative disc disease Dr. Kriczky uses a gentle and  effective mechanical traction.  He also uses the gold standards of ultrasound and electrical muscle stimulation for the treatment of various soft tissue problems like carpal tunnel,  tendinitis or muscle strains.

You can rest assured, not matter what your back, neck or extremity condition , Dr. Kriczky has the training , skill and experience to accurately diagnose and treat.  He will employ the use of MRI diagnostics, when needed or refer to appropriate specialties if necessary.

His primary goal is to help you and he loves the challenge of a  complicated case.  Special orders do not upset him.  Welcome to Gwynedd Chiropractic where the pain ends and the miracles begin.

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